In the Land of Milk and Honeypots, part twoby jefbags

Hardening the OpenWRT device…

As noted in my previous entry, the purpose of this series of posts is to document the creation of a honeypot, and the use of tools and techniques to analyze activity. In this post, I will continue configuring the OpenWRT router, lock down some of the settings, and also set up some NAT’s and open ports.

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In the Land of Milk and Honeypots, part oneby jefbags

Setting the stage…

Ok, hello. The purpose of this article is document the creation of a honeypot on my home network safely, and show some of the traffic and activities that are captured and analyzed. It might go without saying that this is a potentially dangerous thing to do, and may jeopardize my other personal devices, and also get me in trouble with my ISP. That being understood, safety is the most important concern in this exercise. Where applicable, active monitoring, logging and alerting will be used to ensure manage any issues.

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Test Postby jefbags

##Hello World!

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